NC Sweet Potato Harvest

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August 22, 2016. Wilson, North Carolina<br />
 One the first day of harvest, workers take a break from pulling sweet potatoes from a field managed by Vick Family Farms. In all, the family has 1500 acres of sweet potato crops. <br />
 Vick Family Farms uses Greenlight provided broadband to monitor its tobacco drying barns as well as run its large sweet potato operation. If they lose the network due to recent legal suits brought by the telecom industry on the city of Wilson, who provides the fiber optic broadband, they may be unable to run the business with near the level of efficiency.<br />
 Greenlight Community Broadband is a fiber optic internet service provider owned by the city of Wilson, NC. Popular with residents for its reliability and speed, the city started offering the service to towns outside of its municipal limits before a court case brought by the telecom industry took away the city's ability to expand beyond its borders. Several businesses and residents who have come to rely on the utility fear for their livelihoods if the service is discontinued.