GE Gas Turbine

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July 6, 2016. Greenville, South Carolina. <br />
 In the Gas Turbine Technology Lab there are 5 test cells, where the combustion cans of the turbines can be tested using different types fuels and fuel mixtures. As GE's clients have different needs for fuel to be burned in their turbines, the lab has a fuel farm that allows them to test various types of gas mixtures and be sure the turbines can handle the needs of the client.<br />
 At the General Electric Gas Turbine factory, engineers  design, produce, test and repair gas turbines for generating electricity. These turbines weigh more than 900,000 pounds and can create internal combustion temperatures up to 2,900 degrees F. Depending on the model, one of the GE turbines can produce enough electricity for half a million American households.