Marine Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force

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October 21, 2014. Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.<br />
 Before a treadmill running test, a Marine has his baseline blood lactate measured by a research assistant of the University of Pittsburgh. Levels will be rechecked throughout the test to see how the Marine's body processes lactate and oxygen under physical stress.<br />
 The Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force is a battalion level unit created in an effort to assess Marines in a series of physical and medical tests to establish baseline standards as the Corps analyze the best way to possibly integrate female Marines into combat arms occupational specialities, such as infantry personnel, for which they were previously not eligible. The unit will be comprised of approx. 650 Marines in total, with about 400 of those being volunteers, both male and female. <br />
 Jeremy M. Lange for the Wall Street Journal<br />