Military Clemency/United American Patriots (UAP)

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May 11, 2016. Kernersville, North Carolina. <br />
 Major Herbert W. Donahue, Jr. USMC Ret., is the President and founder of United American Patriots (UAP). A former Marine Scout/Sniper, Major Donahue spent nearly 4 years in combat in Vietnam, before becoming an officer and  F-4 Phantom pilot, returning to fly combat missions for 3 years in the same conflict. He was medically retired in 1989 after a jet crash that nearly took his life. <br />
 United American Patriots (UAP) is a non profit organization that offers funds for the defense of US service members accused of crimes during combat. Believing that the courts marshall system is weighted in the favor of the government, the UAP started the Warrior Fund 10 years ago to try and secure equal representation for service members attempting to prove their innocence in military courts.