New Orleans, 6 months later

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Wands Evans and Terrance Williams have formed the 227 Club at Baker to promote "Happiness and Laughter", what they say everyone needs at this point.. Terrance, a school teacher, drove out of New Orleans after 3 days in the house and came to Baker after weeks in the St. John Baptist Church shelter. He wants to go back.. Wanda, of the 6th Ward Housing Project, tied herself to 4 friends and they floated to the Superdome on a bag of clothes. She went into a diabetic coma on the trip to a shelter in Texas then came to Baton Rouge and then Baker. She will not go back..Due to  hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the devastation to homes that they caused, FEMA has set up temporary housing at several newly constructed trailer parks. The one in Baker, LA contains 573 trailers, with an estimated 2 people per trailer..