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July 24, 2015. Candor, North Carolina.<br />
 At the Eagle Springs Hatchery, which turns over 1.1 million chicks a week, eggs from Western North Carolina arrive to be incubated, or "set" and then hatched. Each egg batch is labeled with the farm that produced it, as well as the day it was hatched. This helps the hatchery notify its producers if any of their eggs are not up to the standards required for antibiotic free use.<br />
 Chicken producer Perdue Farms Inc. has become the first major poultry company to attempt to raise more than half of its flock with no antibiotics, human or for animals only. As demand for meats free of medicines has risen, Perdue has upgraded their facilities to increase cleanliness and sterility to allow the company to cut antibiotics out of the chicken hatching process.