Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

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February 18, 2015. Winston Salem, North Carolina.<br />
 The Reynolds Building, from which the design for the Empire State Building was taken, can be seen through the window of Wake Forest Biotech Place. The glass bricks surrounding the window, of which there are 65,000 in the facade of the building, were made in 1937 and were part of the original building on the site.<br />
 The Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, encompassing 145 developable acres, is an inner city development project focusing on biomedical sciences and information technology. The project is a collaboration between the city of Winston Salem, a private developer and Wake Forest University.The newest building in the $500 million project is a $50 million education building for the university's medical school. Many professional firms have moved into offices in the various buildings of the Innovation Quarter as the city shifts from a tobacco town to one of technological advancement.