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August 7, 2016. Flint, Michigan.<br />
 A discarded water bottles lays on the sidewalk on the north side of Flint. Although Flint city government says the water is safe to drink when filtered properly, many residents still rely on bottled water for drinking and bathing. Through federal emergency funds, the state distributes 1000's of cases of bottled water nearly every day to Flint residents.<br />
 In April 2014, the city of Flint switched its water source from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to using the Flint River in an effort to save money. When the switch occurred, the city failed to have corrosion control treatment in place for the new water. This brought about a leaching of lead from pipes into the water, increasing the lead content in the drinking water to levels far above legal limits. After independent sources brought this to light, the city admitted the water was unsafe and legal battles have ensued between resident and the local and state governments.