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August 19, 2014. Rock Hill, South Carolina.<br />
 (from left) Madison McGuirt-Wheiland, Casey McGuirt, Milan McGuirt-Wheiland, PJ Jameson-Giton, Jeffrey Wheiland and Monroe McGuirt-Wheiland wait for their son Malachy McGuirt-Wheiland as he participates in the Oklahoma Drill. In the drill, players will lay on their backs at a predetermined distance and when the whistle is blown, they will jump up, run full force and tackle each other as hard as they can. It is the first time many of the players have been hit in the game and is a right of passage for those looking to play football going forward. Any player who tries to get around the hit runs the risk of being eliminated from the team.<br />
  The Sylvia Circle Demons, consisting of the Small Fry, Pee Wee and Gra-Y age groups, practice drills during a summer football camp. The normal drills were a lead up to the "Oklahoma Drill" where players square off across from each other and run full speed into one another.